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HARMONIE Luxe 4 powder


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Create high-performance products with HARMONIE Luxe 4 powder - a powder sensory modifier designed for use in a wide range of beauty and personal care applications.

A Silky Smooth Finish

Providing a smooth, silky, and moisturized feel on the skin - HARMONIE Luxe 4 powder is an ingredient that can be used in a range of color cosmetics, primers, facial skin care, body care, and sun care applications.

Soft Focus Effect

HARMONIE Luxe 4 powder features a uniform, spherical structure with very narrow particle size distribution (average size 4 μm). When added to formulations, it helps deliver an impressive soft-focus blurring effect to hide imperfections and wrinkles on the skin.



HARMONIE Luxe 4 powder can be used in both silicone or naturally derived formulations, and in both liquid and powder-based products. In pressed powders it reduces friction, enhancing spreading and application properties.  


A Derived Natural Alternative

Non-porous, non-microplastic and non-nanomaterial - HARMONIE Luxe 4 powder is the 100% derived mineral alternative to synthetic ingredients such as PMMA, Nylon-12, or Polymethylsilsesquioxane.

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HARMONIE Luxe 4 powder / Technical Data Sheet

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Powder sensory modifier for soft-focus optical effects and a silky, smooth skin-feel
Derived mineral

Typical Benefits:

  • Sensory modifier offering optical blurring and a soft, silky sensory for a wide range of skin care, sun care and color cosmetic products.
  • Improved spreading and application properties in color cosmetic.
  • Powder format allows easier inclusion into different product types including, emulsions, loose powders, and sticks.

Key Features:

  • 100% derived mineral ingredient (ISO 16128)
  • Non-microplastic
  • Non-nanomaterial
  • Uniform spherical structure
  • Very narrow particle size distribution
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Color Cosmetics

  • BB and CC creams
  • Concealers
  • Eye shadows
  • Foundations
  • Lip products
  • Loose and pressed powders
  • Primers

Skin Care

  • Body lotions, creams, and butters
  • Daily wear SPF
  • Day and night creams
  • Serums

Sun Care

  • Sunscreen creams, lotions, and sprays