HARMONIE by Momentive helps formulators to create personal care solutions that meet consumers’ desire for high-performance products with a more natural and sustainable profile.

The HARMONIE line includes derived natural ingredients designed to improve performance, efficiency, application and sensory appeal in the color cosmetics, hair care, skin care, and sun care industry.

†As defined by ISO standard 16128-1:2016


Deliver the excellent conditioning and sensory benefits of silicone gum blends from a naturally derived biodegradable carrier.

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Luxe 4 Powder

Create high-performance products with HARMONIE Luxe 4 Powder - a powder sensory modifier designed for use in a wide range of beauty and personal care applications.

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Soft Fluid

Bring a lighter touch to a wide range of beauty and personal care products with HARMONIE Soft Fluid, a derived natural, volatile emollient that works well in skincare, color cosmetics, and hair care formulations.

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Sleek Ionic Gel

Enhance sensory appeal and explore new horizons in innovative derived natural color cosmetics, skin care solutions, and hair care products with HARMONIE Sleek Ionic Gel.

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Silken Gum BlendS

Produce light and elegant skin care products that don’t feel greasy with HARMONIE Silken Gum Blends.

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Mesh Emulsifier

Deliver products that last longer and feel amazing on the skin with HARMONIE Mesh Emulsifier.