When Science & Nature Work in HARMONIE

HARMONIE is an innovative ingredient platform that looks to balance nature and science - in high-performance products that can meet the sustainable profile that today’s consumers demand.

Pairing advanced silicone technologies with naturally derived ingredients, HARMONIE provides a selection of derived natural and naturalized solutions that can be used to develop existing formulas and create innovative new product lines.

Color Cosmetics

HARMONIE provides cosmetic manufacturers with the advanced solutions needed to develop high-quality and aesthetically pleasing make-up and cosmetic products to enhance consumer complexions across the globe.

Beauty portrait of woman with three stripes of make-up on her cheek

Skin Care

From hydrating moisturizers and creams to oils, serums, and more - HARMONIE provides cosmetics manufacturers with the solutions they need to create high-performance, derived natural skin care products that both look and feel amazing on the skin.

Hair care

The lightweight, silky-smooth and conditioning properties of HARMONIE products make them perfect for use in a range of hair care solutions, including serums, oils, conditioners, and creams. Effective at tackling frizz and smoothing flyaway, the HARMONIE product range can be the perfect solution for manufacturers looking to elevate their hair care ranges.

Beautiful young woman with natural makeup and shiny healthy skin.

SUN Care

HARMONIE products can work to improve the consistency and texture of sun care products which are typically prone to chalkiness, white patches or feeling too heavy on the skin. Using advanced silicone technologies with derived natural ingredients, our solutions can effectively improve the application properties and reduce the white residues of sunscreens and SPF daily moisturizers to provide consumers with the essential UV protection they need.